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  • Product Information

    Bosch Ignition Cables – the High Performance Connection

    Bosch offers a wide selection of ignition cables, designed to the specifications of vehicle manufacturers in two product ranges:

    Silicone-Power: The high-performance ignition cable specially for vehicles with resistance ignition cables as original equipment.

    • With carbon-impregnated fiberglass internal conductors – durable and break resistant

    Silicone-Copper: The high-performance ignition cable for all vehicles with copper-core ignition cables as original equipment.

    • Highly conductive copper internal conductors coated with tin

    Quality Characteristics

    • Contact reliability
    • Very strong
    • Excellent interference suppression
    • Extremely resistant to heat, cold, and liquids
    • Long service life
    • 100% external insulation made from silicone, not PVC

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