Japan’s SUPER GT Racing Series equips Bosch Automotive Components in their Racecars

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SUPER GT is Japan’s premier touring car series, one of the most exciting car race series in Japan and the region, now using Bosch automotive components in majority of its high speed racing cars.

For the first time, Bosch has been chosen as the official supplier for the SUPER GT racing series from the 2014 season on, with Bosch Motorsport supplying data-logging equipment, engine and chassis components for 15 GT500 class racecars and some GT300 racecars. In addition, Bosch also provided non-racing standard car parts to these racecars such as windscreen wiper blades for clear visibility at high speeds, various small engine components, sensors for analyzing driving patterns and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) that prevents wheels from locking up during crucial maneuvers.

With more than 126 years in automotive know-how, Bosch has been a key partner and supplier of racing series such as DTM, Le Mans Series, and Formula 3.

SUPER GT is a highly popular and well-established car racing series in Japan since 1994, mainly featuring Japanese sports cars. The competition is tremendously exciting as both GT500 and GT300 racecar classes compete in their respective races alongside each other - on the same route and at the same time, allowing fans to enjoy the frequent overtaking on the track.


With the growing popularity of the race and increased participation of international racecars meeting FIA-GT3 regulations, SUPER GT 2014 season introduced new technical regulations unified with basic standards used for German Touring car series DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) for the GT500 race class.

Through continuous development of automotive technologies, the Bosch brand continues to be recognized for high standards of quality and advanced technology internationally and in Japan’s automotive industry. Our products are a standard, meeting requirements of every class of vehicles as well as Japanese makes, from daily rides and industrial automotive, to the unrelenting demands of racers in the SUPER GT grand tour series.